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john graaff

I founded Core Capital Group after starting and growing several technology companies from my basement and taking two of them to initial public offerings (IPOs). During those years I dealt with a number of advisors and investment bankers who didn’t understand my business, overlooked our unique aspects and key value drivers, and applied a generic framework that didn’t capture my companies’ true value.

After exiting my fourth company, I was determined to provide an advisement structure to other entrepreneurs that help them maximize the value of their hard work and financial risk. — John Graaff

core capital is your guiding compass
Since Core Capital’s founding in 1991, we’ve helped middle-market business owners and executives navigate through the uncertainty and confusion that come with life-altering business transactions — raising new capital, selling a company, and taking on additional responsibilities and risk through acquisition.

Because we are experienced entrepreneurs who have successfully founded, grown, operated and sold companies of our own, we understand what it’s like to sit on your side of the table during negotiations. So we crafted Core Capital to serve people like ourselves, who want the highest return on their investment of time and effort.

What makes us different
• The entire Core Team is involved in each transaction.
• We broaden our clients’ geographic reach through our global network.
• We closely monitor transaction activity and valuations to stay on top of trends.
• We nurture our valuable long-term relationships in the market sectors we serve.
• And we never forget what it feels like to be the client.